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Find Out Below!


- How To Tell If Your Bra Actually Fits

- Top 10 Comfort Problems Solved

- Your Figure or Your Life

- How to determine your Jeunique Bra Size

- How to determine your Department Store Bra Size

How To Tell If Your Bra Actually Fits:

1. Is it painful, uncomfortable, annoying, or itchy?  Then it’s not the bra for you.


2.  Does it fit around your back?

a.  Can you fit 1 or 2 fingers comfortably? If yes then the band is right size.

b.  Can you not even fit 1 finger?  You need to move up in band size.

c.  Can you fit your whole hand?  Does it rise up your back? Do the straps fall down? Then go down in band size.


3.  What about the cup? Your breast should completely fill the cup bra.

a.  Do you have extra room, gapping fabric? You need to go down in cup size.

b.  Do your “cups runneth over?” Is there spillage from the top, bottom, or sides? You need to move up in cup size.


4.  To avoid getting frustrated, or coming home empty handed: make sure you allow plenty of time so you can try on different styles of bras. Every style, fabric, and manufacturer will fit differently.  Find what works for your body.


5.  If you are in the National Capital Area, contact us for style and fit advice or to arrange your own private fitting.  Precious and Pleasant is a Christian business, and all Bra Fittings are conducted in decency and with respect for the daughters of God.


You Need A Custom Fit Bra For
Your Health, Your Looks, Your Comfort!
Get Great Lift and Superior Support in Over 200 Sizes.


 Top 10 Comfort Problems Solved!
(With Our Custom Fit Bras)

The Custom Fit bras offer Superior Support: Ultimate lift and support is achieved with the Patented Support System. A support system designed to support without bones, or underwires. Only the Custom Fit Bras offer superior support in over 200 Sizes.  If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then you will benefit from a custom fit bra.

Do you experience breast pain while walking, jogging or exercising?

Does your bust line “bounce” when you walk, or even when you are not walking?

Do you have to wear padded bras to give yourself a fuller look?

Do your bra straps dig into your shoulders leaving painful grooves?

Do you have a rash or other irritation under your bust, where it rests on your abdomen?

Does your bra ride up in the back?

Do the underwires poke out in front?

Does your cup runneth over because you can't find large cup bras in your small band size?

Do you feel department stores carry small, “skimpy and sexy” styled bras but not a good selection of larger functional support bras?

Does your underwire bra leave grooves on your rib cage? OR does your bust creep out from beneath the underwire?

Our Custom Fitted Bras
Prevent Sagging Without Underwires
Available in Almost ANY Size!


Your Figure or Your Life?

The Bust Has NO Muscle
The muscle lies under the breast. Without the proper support during physical activity, apart from the discomfort, in time, the bust will elongate until it rests on the abdomen. It is the opinion of many medical professionals that heat build up may be a contributing factor of a variety of breast conditions.

The Custom Fit Bras Offer Lift And Support
Attempting to lift and support the bust with underwires using department store bras is a lost cause for many of us.  So, we choose between our health and our looks.  But you needn’t sacrifice comfort for looks anymore! Each Custom Fit Bra is designed with a patented support system. This patented support system consists of a shelf like support. This "Shelf" consists of a firm fabric which lifts the bust UP, and OFF the abdomen, keeping the bust and abdomen cooler. This patented support system achieves maximum support without the use of underwires.

The Custom Fit Bras Offer The Largest Cup Sizes, In Bands 28 To 52. The larger cup sizes, available in most of our Custom Fit Bras, offer full coverage of the larger bust, and enhancement for the smaller bust. This removes the overflow, underflow, and extra lumps and bumps often associated with improperly fitting department store bras.  Some fuller busted ladies need the bust lifted to allow circulation of air between the bust and the abdomen. The underwire bras, do not lift the bust off the chest wall, contributing to perspiration and heat build up.

A Bra Should Improve Your Appearance, Self Confidence And Comfort.
For clothing to fit properly, the bust line is built into dresses and other clothing, with the bust line midway between the shoulder and the elbow. Bras with underwires leaves portions of the bust resting on the rib cage and, in most cases, causes heat build up, rashes and other irritation under the bust where the breast tissue is forced to lie on the rib cage, creating a "dumped in front" matronly appearance.

 For More Information,
Contact Your Custom Fit Bra Distributor and Trainer:


Janine Wiggins
1-800-680-1431 or (Direct Line) 301-448-8645




 What Is Your Jeunique Bra Size?

1. Measure around under your arms but OVER your chest (try not to include any bust tissue). This is your band size (round down for in between sizes)


2.  Now measure the fullest part of the bust and subtract the earlier measurement.  This difference (in inches) determines your cup size:


3.  This is your starting estimate, and will work for 90% of you reading this.  Every woman’s body is different, so you may need to try on several different styles/brands to find the most comfortable, flattering fit.  If you are in the National Capital Area, contact us for style and fit advice or to arrange your own private fitting.  Better yet, gather a few friends together for a great evening of improving your appearance and comfort.  Please keep in mind that Precious and Pleasant is a Christian business, and all “Bra Parties” are conducted in decency and with respect for the daughters of God.

What Is Your Department Store Bra Size?


These are the standard instructions given out by most department store bras.  Keep in mind, most of them are either simply covers (providing no real support) or are compressing the breast tissue in an unhealthy way that impedes the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid.  For this reason, you really should consider one of our custom fit bras.  You will need a tape measure (preferably paper) in inches, and a pencil.  Wear your most comfortable bra when taking these measurements.  There are 2 variables we need to  determine to correctly find your bra and cup size.  These variables are your frame size and your bust size.  Keep in mind, however, that determining your bra and cup size is no an exact science.  If you find you should be wearing a 34 C, but a 32 B fits you better, obviously get the more comfortable one!


1. Determine Frame & Bra Size.  The frame size is the diameter around your chest JUST BELOW your breasts.  Using the tape measure, measure around your ribcage directly under your breasts.  There should be no breast tissue measured while determining your frame size.  To determine the bra size, add 5 to this number.  If the number you get is odd, round up to the next even number.  For example, if your frame size is 26 inches, when you add 5 to this you get 31 inches.  You should therefore round up to the even number which is 32 inches (since bras only come in even numbers).  This is your bra size, 32 inches.  Don’t rule out trying the next size down (in this case, 30 inches).


2.  Determine Bust Size.  The next measurement goes around the chest over and including the fullest part of your bust (usually at the level of the nipples).  This is the diameter of your bust.  The reason we recommend you wear a comfortable bra for this measurement is that gravity (helped by activities we do and poor bras we wear) stretches and pulls the tissue out of shape.  You’ll get a better measurement if you wear a bra.


3.  Calculate Cup Size.  Now, subtract your bra size from your bust size number, and use the table below to determine your cup size.


Example: You measured a frame size of 31 inches, so your bra size is 31+5 = 36 inches.  You measured your bust size at 40 inches.  Bust size – Bra Size (40 -36 inches) = 4 inches.  Using the table above, you find that anyone with a difference between 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches (including 4) has a cup size D.  Your correct size is therefore 36 D.